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Title:  Not a Regular Boss
Author:  czarina_kitty
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] cookielaura for the beta and encouragement. 
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/character:  Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones , Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper
Rating:  PG
Prompt & Prompter: Written for round 18 at rounds_of_kink Gwen does something stupid and reckless, again. Jack disciplines her *lovingly* from an anonymous prompter
Kink:  spanking
Notes/Warnings:  just the prompt and kink


“Gwen, my office,” Jack barks as she comes in through the cog door.  Owen and Tosh both avoid eye contact as she passes and Ianto gives her a half smile before turning away.

“Jack, I…” Gwen starts entering the office.

 Jack cuts her off before she can finish.  “Was there some part of my orders yesterday that was unclear?”

“What?  No.”

“Were you confused about the plan?” he asks.


“Then why,” Jack says with forced calm, “did you ignore me, engage the target without waiting for back-up, and nearly cause a major intergalactic incident?”

“I just thought that we should try talking to them before we went in shooting.  Things don’t always have to end in car chases and gunfire, sometimes we can negotiate with people.”

“Gwen,” Jack’s tone is exasperated.  “Those weren’t people.  They were the pre-invasion infiltration and reconnaissance unit of an extremely violent species.  By trying to negotiate you showed weakness, which lead to you being taken hostage and the entire team being put in unnecessary danger.  Again.”

“How was I supposed to know…”

“It was mentioned in the pre-mission briefing and covered in the information packets Ianto put together.”

“All the information we get is so…negative,” Gwen says with a pout.  “We never focus on the positives.” 

“Gwen, I hired you to help us remember how to be human, how to care.  I hired you because I knew you would challenge me.  But at the end of the day, my job is to save the world and make sure that each one of you survives.  And I can’t do my job if you keep going off on your own and ignoring orders.  And for whatever reason, I can’t seem to make that message clear to you.”

Jack pauses and leans forward across his desk before asking the same question he does each time one of his team make a spectacularly stupid decision.  “So tell me, what do bosses do in these situations?  You know, regular bosses.”  Gwen splutters for a moment before Jack asks, “Do I get to beat people?”

Gwen makes a series of inarticulate noises before Jack continues, “Doesn’t really matter though, does it?  I’m not a regular boss and this isn’t a regular job.”  Jack pauses again before asking suddenly, “Do you trust me, Gwen?”
            “Of course.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then come here,” Jack says, pushing his chair back from the desk.  He waits for Gwen to come around the desk before asking, “You know I’d never do anything that wasn’t for your own good, right?”

“Yeah,” Gwen says slowly.

“Then understand that this is going to hurt me more than it does you,” he says, tugging her by the wrist until she falls over his lap. 

“Jack, what are you doing?  Let me up!” Gwen screams, kicking and struggling.  Jack responds by holding her firmly across the waist, his arm resting across her back.

“This is something I should have done a long time ago,” Jack says, bringing a hand down to connect firmly with her wiggling backside.

 Gwen lets out a gasp and stills.  Jack pauses to readjust his grip, pulling her closer and holding her firmly across his lap before laying a matching swat on the other cheek. 

“I don’t like having to do this,” he tells her, spanking her over her jeans.  “But the idea of one of you being injured or killed because you didn’t stop to think…well, this job is dangerous enough without us adding to it,” Jack continues, falling into a fast rhythm of smacks before stopping and reaching under Gwen.

As he undoes the button and zip of her jeans Gwen whimpers and says, “I’m sorry,” but does not struggle as he tugs down her jeans and panties.

Jack takes a moment to run a soothing hand down Gwen’s back and over her slightly pinked buttocks.  “I need to know you’re going to remember this, Gwen.  That the next time you’re tempted to go off and do something stupid and reckless, you’ll think about this.  Yesterday was too close a call,” Jack whispers.  He gives two solid swats to her now bare skin before adding, “I could have lost all of you.”

  Jack feels Gwen’s breath shudder and she nods her head once as he starts spanking her quickly and firmly.  After a minute, Gwen’s skin is deep pink and she is gasping and crying out at each spank.  After another minute, her skin is tinged red and she has gone limp over Jack’s lap.  Jack stops and rubs circles on the small of her back as she slowly recovers.  When her breathing has once again become regular, Jack helps her up and hugs her tight, motioning her towards the trapdoor near the desk.

“Go on,” he tells her gently.  “Wash your face and lie down.  I’ll be there soon.”

Gwen gives Jack a weak smile before climbing down the ladder.  Jack takes a moment to brace himself against the desk and take several deep breaths to force himself to relax before following.



Outside the office, Owen watches as Tosh hands Ianto a five pound note and says, “You win.”

“What’s all this about then?” Owen asks.

“Tosh bet that Jack would wait until after-hours to deal with Gwen,” Ianto explains.  “I said he wouldn’t care if the rest of us were here.”
            “You two knew about this?”

“Not exactly,” Tosh replies.  “The bet’s been on for a while.  We knew it would happen eventually, we just both thought it would be a lot sooner.”

“You knew he was going to spank her?” Owen asks.  “Eventually?”

“Naturally.  It’s not like we haven’t all been there before.”

“You two?  Why on earth would he have spanked you two?”

“Mary,” Tosh says softly.

“Hmm,” Ianto agrees, placing a hand on Tosh’s shoulder in support.  “After Lisa.  And a few times since, when I’ve asked nicely,” Ianto says with a smirk.

“I so did not want that image in my head,” Owen says.  “Wait.  How would you know if he had done this after-hours?”

“CCTV,” Ianto and Tosh reply together.

“What about you?”  Tosh asks with a sly grin.  “Jack must have seen to you a time or two.”

Owen pauses for a moment before admitting, “He had me arse up and trousers down over his lap before the end of my first week…  But you already knew that from the CCTV, didn’t you?”

Ianto smiles at Owen briefly.  “Let’s get out of here, go to the pub, maybe.  Give them some privacy.  Between the post-spanking talk and cuddling, they could be a while.”

“Cuddling?” Owen asks.  “Jack and I have never cuddled after a spanking.  We talk, but…”
“CCTV, Owen,” Tosh calls over her shoulder from halfway to the door.

“Right,” Owen mutters to himself.  “Should we at least leave an ice pack for Gwen?”

“Nah,” Ianto replies.  “Jack will look after her.  He always does.”


Date: 2011-03-20 09:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
not a fan of spanking, but that was

Date: 2012-11-22 09:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I loved the CCTV quip from Tosh. ABSOLUTELY brilliant.

Please write more spankfics. Pretty please? Especially Jack and Owen ones...

Date: 2012-12-31 02:10 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
That was fantastic. I haven't read many M/F spankfics I've actually enjoyed, but you've written the majority of the ones I DO like.

Also, I love the subtle hints you made at the end, concerning Owen... There need to be more fics with Owen getting spanked.


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