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Title:  Five Times Jack Used Corporal Punishment (and One Time He Didn’t) (1/2)
Author: czarina_kitty
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/character:  Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato
Rating:  NC-17

Kink:  impact play
Warnings: Contains spanking, paddling, and other impact play, as well as M/M sex, role playing, and age play

Disclaimer: I do not own, or make any money from the use of, these characters.
Notes: written for the kink_bingo October mini-challenge: one kink, two (or more) fics..  Rather than separate stories, I wrote a five times (plus one) style piece.  They aren’t all over the 500 word count minimum and one is a slightly edited version of something I posted elsewhere, but more than two met the minimum and are original for this challenge.


He always knew she had daddy issues, he just never realized they went quite this far.  Somehow, when he had called Suzie in to discuss her recent expense account he had expected an argument, justifications, and maybe even a few lies.  He hadn’t expected contrition and he certainly hadn’t expected to find her across his lap taking a spanking. 

There was always something in the way she responded to his stern tone that made him want to take her in hand and treat her like a little girl.  There was something in the way she deferred to his authority and sought his approval that told him that she saw him as something other than just a boss.  He had always resisted, of course, because really, who was he to be a father figure to anyone?  But this time, when she had looked up at him through lowered lashes and whispered, “sorry, daddy,” it was more that he could ignore.

Quickly moving around the desk, he placed two fingers under her chin and raised her head to look her straight in eyes.  The searching expression in her eyes and the way she quickly looked away told him what he needed to know.  “Stand up,” he said, maintaining the strict tone.  When she did as he ordered, he sat down on the chair and framed her hips with his large hands.

Suzie’s breath hitched and she shivered slightly as Jack looked up at her.  “We’ve talked about this before, but you still don’t seem to understand the importance of these reports.  I think we need to try something else to help you remember.”

Any remaining doubts were erased when she responded, “yes, daddy.”

“Right,” he said, pulling her down and over his lap.  Suzie braced her hands on the floor and shifted to get comfortable, but she put up no resistance.  “You know daddy doesn’t like to have to do this, but you’ve been a naughty little girl, using daddy’s credit card without permission.”

Jack ran a hand over Suzie’s upturned, jean clad arse and felt her tremble under his touch.  He raised his hand and brought it down hard across both cheeks, listening to her gasp at the impact.  When she didn’t struggle he began spanking her rapidly, covering her entire backside with stinging slaps.  He considered having her remove her trousers and knickers, but decided against it.  It wasn’t that he had never seen her naked, the occasional encounter with alien slime made sure that no one in Torchwood retained much modesty, he just wasn’t comfortable taking the encounter to that level.  And from the wriggling and small, urgent noises she was making, he didn’t think baring her bottom was necessary.      

            After a full two minutes Jack stopped and spent a few moments gently rubbing small circles at the small of Suzie’s back before helping her to her feet.  Suzie sniffed deliberately as Jack stood and pulled her into a hug.  Kissing her lightly on the forehead, Jack whispered, “Good girl.  You took that very well.” 

            Suzie smiled softly and quickly made her way out of the office.  Neither ever mentioned the incident again, but the unauthorized expenses on Suzie’s reports ceased.  At least for a few weeks.   



It had started simply enough, a gentle swat to Ianto’s backside as he leaned across a desk and provided a too tempting target.  The reaction, however, was far from innocent: a pause, a quick intake of breath, nostrils flared and pupils wide in eyes quickly turned away, and an unconscious shift of weight back against Jack’s hand.     

            “You like that, don’t you?” Jack had murmured, voice low and breathy.  Ianto had glanced up again and nodded, embarrassment turning his face red.  Jack’s voice still low he asked, “You want more of that?  Would you like me to warm your backside?  Put you over my knee?  Turn that lovely arse all red and tender before I fuck you?”

            The full body shiver from Ianto was answer enough.  “Right, back to work.  I’ll deal with you later, you naughty boy,” Jack growled, landing a matching swat on Ianto’s other cheek.

            Hours later, after the others had all left, Ianto remained behind in the archives, not sure how this encounter is supposed to play out, or if it will play out at all.  Part of him wanted to find Jack, tell him that this is all a mistake, that he doesn’t want this, whatever this is.  Part of him wanted to march straight into Jack’s office, boldly undo Jack’s belt and pull it free, double it over and hand it to Jack, then turn and lay himself across the desk.  Most of him, however, was frozen from conflicted desires, so he remained where he was, not sure if he was hoping to be found or to be left alone.

            “There you are,” Jack said softly from the doorway.  “I thought you might have snuck out earlier.”

            Ianto swallowed hard and turned to face Jack.  “Why would you think that?”

            “Because you’ve been acting nervous, skittish all afternoon,” Jack said with a small smile.

            “I’m sorry, I just…”

            “Shhh.  It’s okay.  We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

            “What if I want to?”

            “Then know that I will never hurt you and you have complete control,” Jack said leaning into kiss Ianto gently.  “Come to bed, you can finish this tomorrow.”

            Once they were settled in bed Ianto rested his head on Jack’s chest and looked up at Jack.  Jack smiled softly as he ran a hand down Ianto’s back and rested it lightly on his arse.  Keeping steady eye contact Jack lifted his hand and gently tapped Ianto’s bottom once.  When Ianto snuggled in closer Jack tapped a little bit harder.  “Shift up a bit,” Jack whispered, guiding Ianto up onto his knees and sitting up next to him.    

            “You still want to do this?” Jack asked.  Ianto looked back at Jack, bit his lower lip, and nodded once, then buried his head in the pillow.   

            Jack started with a gentle massage, followed by light slaps, before slowly increasing the intensity.  He stopped to rub the sting out of Ianto’s skin and listened to Ianto’s low moans.  “Okay?” Jack asked.

            Ianto made a small mewing sound before he answered.  “More, please.”

            “If you’re sure,” Jack answered settling into a slow rhythm of swats, gradually working up to harder and harder slaps.  He paused frequently to rub and pinch.  Jack worked his free hand between Ianto’s legs and felt the hardness there.  Jack shifted to kneel behind Ianto and quickly prepared the younger man, moving his hand back to stroke Ianto as he slid in.  Jack landed one last stinging swat and felt Ianto come over his fist.

“I thought it would…hurt more.  Like when I was a kid.”

“You might want to wait until the endorphin rush subsides before saying that,” Jack chuckled.  “You might be more sore than you think later.  But I wasn’t trying to hurt you.  That kind of stimulation, it’s very different when you’re aroused.  That same spanking would have hurt a good bit more if it was given as a punishment, but it can be very pleasant in the right circumstances.”


“You sound disappointed.”

“No.  It’s just…What if I wanted you to hurt me?  What if I deserved to be punished?”

“Do you?”

“Sometimes I think I do.  I’ve done things, Jack, things that I shouldn’t have.”

“I can’t think of anything you could do that would make me hit you in anger.  If I were really that upset with you, I wouldn’t touch you at all.”

“That would be worse.”

True to his word, it was over a month after Lisa before Jack touched Ianto again, a simple hand on the shoulder to indicate forgiveness.  It was much longer than that before he took the younger man over his knee again.



“Owen, my office,” Jack barks as he storms across the Hub and in to his office.  Owen shrugs his shoulders at Gwen before following Jack up the stairs.  Once in the office Jack tosses an item on his desk and turns to face Owen, arms crossed over his chest.  He fixes Owen with a stern stare and asks, “Well?”

            “What?” Owen replies crossing his own arms and staring defiantly back. 

            “Care to tell me what that,” he says nodding towards the object on the desk, the portable cell used to trap Carys earlier, “was doing out of the Hub?”

            “Saving the day,” Owen replies.  “No need to thank me.”

            “I won’t.  What is our number one rule here, Owen,” Jack asks, closing the space between them and towering over Owen.

            “Don’t eat the last chocolate biscuit, because it’s Jack’s?” Owen answers with a self-satisfied smirk.

            “Wrong.  We do not take alien tech out of the Hub without permission.  Why is that so difficult for you to remember?”

            “’Cause it’s a stupid rule.  We’re all adults here, but you treat us like we’re children and…” Owen trails off at the predatory look Jack fixes him with.

            “Adults?” Jack asks, raising one eyebrow.  “I might agree some of the other members of this team are adults, but you act more like a spoiled five year old than an adult.  I ought to  put you over my knee.”

            “I…” Owen starts, before letting out a long breath and dropping his eyes.  “Yes, sir.”

            “What was that?” Jack asks, sure he has misheard.  Submission is not something he sees often from Owen.

            “Yes, sir,” Owen repeats, eyes still down.  “I’m sorry I broke the rule, sir.  Please punish me.”

            Jack simply stares back at Owen for a long minute, unsure if he has uncovered a secret sexual fantasy or stepped on a landmine of unresolved childhood issues.  After considering, however, he decides he doesn’t really care.  “If that’s what it takes to keep you safe,” he says, grabbing Owen by the back of the neck and dragging him over to the desk.  Jack sits on the edge and pulls Owen over so that he is half across Jack’s lap with his upper body resting on the desk.  Jack wastes no time in landing a quick volley of hard swats on Owen’s arse and Owen makes more noise than is strictly necessary. 

            Jack pauses after a dozen and rests his hand on Owen’s buttocks.  “Have I made my point, Owen, or do I need to pull your jeans down?”

            “No, sir,” Owen answers with a shudder in his voice.  “Please, no more.”

            “Alright,” Jack says, helping Owen to his feet.  “But if this happens again, I’ll use my belt on your bare arse.  Understood?”

            “Yes, sir,” Owen says, looking up at Jack through lowered lashes and quirking a small smile. 

Jack starts to say something else, but the words are lost as Owen launches himself at Jack and crashes their lips together in a bruising kiss. 

Definitely a fantasy, Jack thinks.



Sometimes Jack wondered exactly what it was that Ianto felt he needed to be punished for.  He wished he knew what it was that Ianto felt so guilty about.  They were long past Lisa and Jack had steadfastly refused to allow that issue into the bedroom.  Jack wondered whether it was sex in general, or sex with another man, or sex with him the boss that seemed to instill in Ianto the need for pain before pleasure.   

Not that the request was ever phrased in exactly that way.  No, it was never “punish me, Jack” or “I want you to spank me.”  Nothing that verbal.  In fact, the request was rarely phrased at all.  For someone as into being spanked as Ianto was, he had a difficult time asking for it.

Coming into the bedroom to find a new tawse carefully laid out on the bed (the trip up to Torchwood Two having not been a complete waste), the message was clear: Ianto needed attention.  And if it were just that, he wouldn’t worry so much.  If it were just a game, just foreplay, just a little slap and tickle before the main event, he would understand, but this went beyond that.  Sure, they still had sex without it, but it was obvious that Ianto enjoyed himself a whole lot more when his arse was red and welted beforehand.  Jack appreciated the way Ianto wriggled across his lap, the extra heat radiating off his lover’s cheeks, and the small whimpers every time he thrust against the tender flesh, but he’d much prefer to give pleasure rather than pain.  But, if this was what Ianto wanted, well, who was he to refuse. 

“Ianto,” he called picking up the new implement and admiring the quality.  “Get your arse in here.  Now.”  

Part 2



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