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Title:  Five Times Jack Used Corporal Punishment (and One Time He Didn’t) (2/2)
Author: czarina_kitty
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/character:  Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato
Rating:  NC-17

Kink:  impact play
Warnings: Contains spanking, paddling, and other impact play, as well as M/M sex, role playing, and age play

Disclaimer: I do not own, or make any money from the use of, these characters.
Notes: written for the kink_bingo October mini-challenge: one kink, two (or more) fics..  Rather than separate stories, I wrote a five times (plus one) style piece.  They aren’t all over the 500 word count minimum and one is a slightly edited version of something I posted elsewhere, but more than two met the minimum and are original for this challenge.

Part One



“You’re useless here unless you can focus, and I know you can’t in your current state,” Jack whispers, wrapping his arms around the younger man. 

“What do you expect, sir, you’ve been teasing me all day,” Ianto replies.

“So it’s ‘sir’ again, is it?”  Jack asks, responding immediately to the submissive tone.  “Wait for me downstairs, I’ll help clear your mind.” 

“Yes, sir” Ianto whispers.

Climbing down the ladder into Jack’s private quarters, Ianto looks back, searching for reassurance.  Jack--His Jack, His Captain--smiles and winks, gesturing Ianto below.  

Not needing further instructions, knowing what Jack has planned, (it is, after all, his job to anticipate Jack’s needs) he moves the chair to the center of the room and retrieves the box from under the bed, before stripping and sinking to his knees to wait.

As he waits, he remembers the first time Jack had forced him to kneel, gun pointed at his forehead, his heart breaking for Lisa.  He remembers the second time, much later, when Jack had helped him to work through his fears, his anger, his need for order and control in his life.  He remembers the last time he was in this position, in this room, in the control of his Captain.  He squirms slightly as he remembers the long, slow night of pain and pleasure, of pleasurable pain, and a hot blush rises over his face. 

He does not hear Jack enter the room.  He is unaware of the man standing behind him, leaning casually against the wall, admiring his naked form until Jack leans down, planting a gentle kiss on Ianto’s shoulder.  There is no further discussion needed, trust and safe words are already well established.

Tenderly helping Ianto to his feet, Jack turns him so that they are face to face, pulling Ianto into a deep kiss.  Sliding his hands to the back of Ianto’s neck, fingering the soft curls there, Jack tilts his head forward until they are forehead to forehead, nearly drowning in the deep pools that are Ianto’s blue eyes.  Sighing deeply Jack asks, “Do you know why we are here?” 

“Yes, sir,” comes the quiet reply, “I need to learn to be more focused on my work and less distracted by my boss’ constant attempts to distract me, sir.” 

Jack chuckles as he asks, “What am I going to do with you, Ianto?  Do you need a lesson in focus?” 

“Yes, sir, please.”

Jack chuckles and leads Ianto towards the waiting chair.  In a movement that shows the grace and elegance and a well-practiced skill, Jack sits on the chair, grabbing the younger man by both wrists and pulling him across his lap in one fluid motion.  Ianto’s breath catches and he struggles slightly, his already firm cock pressing tight between his stomach and Jack’s leg.  A steadying hand on his back is all that is needed to calm him and he relaxes as Jack’s hand strokes his bottom and upper thighs. 

Soon the gentle touch becomes firmer, then almost rough, finger nails biting into skin, until the constant contact is replaced with light slaps, which rapidly grow harder and faster.  When Ianto finally gasps Jack growls, “I see I finally have your undivided attention.”

Ianto relaxes and is aware of nothing outside of this room, nothing aside from the growing warmth spreading through his body like fire, nothing other than his cock sliding forward over Jack’s leg with each spank. 

After another minute, when Jack stops, Ianto moves to stand up, but Jack holds him in place.  “We aren’t finished here.  I can’t have one of my team members distracted during a crisis, even if it is by me.” 

Jack turns in the chair, holding Ianto securely, reaching behind him for the box of toys.  Ianto groans, but does not move from his position, as Jack produces a wooden paddle and brings it down first his right cheek, then his left. 

Finding a slow rhythm Jack paddles the young man over his lap, while Ianto moves in time with the paddle, grinding his hips into Jack’s lap, with each swat.  Gasping and moaning as his arse is slowly heated.  Just when Ianto thinks that he cannot take any more, Jack stops.  He leans in close to Ianto and asks, in a playful tone “So, do you think you can concentrate on your work now?”

But despite thinking he couldn’t take any more, Ianto isn’t quite ready for this to end. “I don’t think so, sir.  Perhaps a stronger reminder is in order.”

Tossing the paddle aside, Jack allows Ianto to stand up and repositions him bending over the back of the chair, legs stretched long and on his toes, the chair back pressed against his stomach, hands and elbows flat on the seat that Jack had so recently vacated. 

Ianto trembles slightly, both from his clearly evident arousal and from the uncertainty of what will come next.  Jack rummaged through the toy box, testing several different implements on his own thigh, before settling on a wide leather belt, which he doubles in his hand. 

“Are you sure about this?” Jack asks quietly, breaking character and offering a way out, but Ianto merely bites his lower lip, closes his eyes tightly, and gives a quick nod. 

After the unyielding wood of the paddle, the first few strokes of the supple leather feel more like a gentle caress and Ianto responds with a series of low keening moans.  As the blows increase in intensity Ianto dances under the lashing until, desperate for more from his lover, he finally cries out to Jack, “Jack, please, I need you .” 

Jack stops and leans in close to Ianto’s ear, brushing his fingertips over the freshly spanked skin, causing a shudder to reverberate through Ianto’s entire body.  Dropping the belt onto the chair Jack whispers, “Sorry, babe, no can do.  We’re still needed upstairs.  You better get dressed and start the coffee; this could be a long night.” 

With that, Jack turns to leave, that confident swagger evident in the movement of his hips, never looking back at the stunned younger man, but smiling at the knowledge that Ianto will have his revenge… and it will be sweet.

Ianto watches Jack leave the room, then slowly straightens.  He had to admit that Jack did have a way of making him focus, just not on his actual job.  He is already making plans for later, when everyone has left for the night and he can have Jack’s undivided attention, when Jack will call him “sir”. 

As he emerges back into the chaos of the hub Ianto can feel Jack’s eyes on him, but refuses to look up, instead heading straight for the kitchen.  “I see you finally decided to join us” Jack calls over the din, “Where’s that coffee?” 

With as much bite and sarcasm as he can fit into two words, Ianto replies simply “Coming, sir.”

(Not) 6.


Sitting on the Plass with Toshiko, Jack was not sure how to proceed.  He knew what he would do if it were Owen or Ianto or Suzie in this position--and he suspected the same approach might work with Gwen--but Toshiko was different from the others.  Their relationship was different.  While the others had all, at one time or another, crossed him, he had never questioned Toshiko’s loyalty.  She, more than any of them, knew what was at stake, what it was like to truly lose everything.  She knew the price of treason and the power he still had over her.  Which made the fact of her betrayal, her indiscretions with Mary, all the more painful.  If he had paid more attention to her, asked more about her…in short, if he had done all of the things he had promised himself he would do, with all of the members of his team, after Suzie and again after Lisa this might have been avoided.

Jack knew that Ianto had already spoken with Tosh.  That Ianto of all people probably knew best what she was going through.  After all, Jack had had to kill his girlfriend as well. 

Ianto had taken her report and comforted her.  Assured her that Jack had forgiven him Lisa, he would forgive her Mary.  That his betrayal had been worse, an on-going lie rather than a one-time indiscretion.  Reminding her that no one had died because of her actions.  He had not told, and would not tell, Tosh what had transpired between he and Jack during his month long suspension.  It was not his place to suggest a course of action.  Of course, since he did not know her true history, did not know that Jack had rescued her from a UNIT prison, his assurances were less comforting than he had intended.

Ianto had asked Jack to proceed gently and said that Tosh was still in shock; that she had been more concerned about him and the thoughts that she had overheard, than with herself.  Ianto had told Jack that he would be looking after Tosh for the time being and that he was ready and willing to offer her the reassurance, support, and comfort that she needed.  Ianto would be there for her.  For both of them.  Jack knew that neither Owen nor Gwen would not be offering any support; Owen had already had a go at Tosh and both taking this betrayal more personally than they had Ianto’s.

            Sitting with Tosh, Jack decided to make the same offer he had made to Suzie, Owen, and Ianto when they needed it.  He knew he had Ianto behind him, which was more than he had known going into the other times.  But, with Tosh, it needed to be done in a lighthearted manner, less straight forward and easier to pass off as a joke, to gauge her reactions.  “I want that list for UNIT on my desk tomorrow or I’ll…What do bosses do in situations like these?  You know, regular bosses?  Do I get to beat people?”

            “We’ve got rules for that,” she replied.  And even though he was not sure that she fully understood what he was offering, he knew without question that she had declined and that he would not push the issue.  They would just have to find another way forward.

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