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Title:  Role Playing:  You’re Doin’ It Wrong
Author: [ profile] czarina_kitty
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/character:  Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Rating:  NC-17

Kink:  role play, authority figures, penance/punishment, spanking/paddling, caning, humiliation
Warnings: No warnings apply

Disclaimer: I do not own, or make any money from the use of, these characters.
Notes: Set mid-Adrift
I started this for the February mini-challenge at kink_bingo, after completely failing to complete anything on my card for the regular round.  I didn’t get it finished for February either, but I figure I better post something during amnesty to qualify to take a card in the next round.
Thank you to [ profile] darkwingduckie7
for the beta.



Jack dropped into his chair and brought both hands up to massage his temples.  He stared up at the ceiling for several long seconds before leaning forward to retrieve the bottle of Scotch from his drawer.  He paused when he noticed an envelope propped on the center of the desk.

Headmaster Harkness, it was addressed in what could only be Ianto’s neat writing.  He pulled out the folded page and read:


I regret to inform you that Mr. Ianto Jones, sixth form prefect, has committed a major infraction of the rules of this institution.  To wit, Mr. Jones has been caught distributing information regarding exam materials to lower form students—material that he is privy to as a result of his position.  Due to the nature and severity of this offence, and in accordance with the rules of this school, Mr. Jones is being referred to you for appropriate discipline.  

Professor Smith

Jack sighed deeply and considered his options before yelling across the empty Hub, “Ianto!”  When he received no answer, he yelled again.

As Ianto entered the office and came to stand in front of Jack’s desk, eyes down and hands clasped behind his back, Jack leaned forward and clasped his hands on the surface of the desk.

“No,” Jack said firmly.

“Sir?” Ianto asked, glancing up quickly.

“I said no.  I’m not going to play this game with you.  I’m not going to play headmaster and naughty student, or warden and uncooperative prisoner, CO and unruly soldier, or any other variation of this game tonight.”


“No.  I’m not going to play any of those games because none of them are the one you really want to play.  You want to do this, we’re going to do it properly.  Irate boss and wayward employee.  That’s the game you want to play, isn’t it?  That is what this is really about, Ianto.  You’re looking for me to punish you for giving Gwen the location of Flat Holm, right?  So let’s just skip all the roleplaying crap and I’ll just do that.”


“I think you mean ‘sir’,” Jack growled, moving behind Ianto.

“Yes, sir.  Sorry, sir,” Ianto replied, his eyes going wide.

“Oh, you will be,” Jack said menacingly.  “I’m going to assume from your little love note that you’re looking for a taste of the cane tonight.”  Jack smirked at Ianto’s shudder.  He stepped close enough to run a thumb over the inside of Ianto’s right wrist and felt the deep breath Ianto let out.  “Don’t you worry, you’ll have a few new stripes before we’re finished here.  But we’ve got a long way to go before we get there.  Bend over, elbows on the desk.” 

Ianto jumped to obey and Jack couldn’t suppress a small smile as Ianto rose up onto his toes and pushed his bottom out.  As soon as Ianto settled in position, Jack stepped close and landed a sharp spank on Ianto’s backside.  Ianto gasped and felt his skin start to tingle as Jack laid down a dozen hard, fast swats before moving back around the desk.

“That’s just a taste; you’ve got a whole lot more coming to you.  Go down to the archives,” Jack told Ianto, resting his hands on the desk and looking Ianto straight in the eye.  “Collect every file having anything to do with Flat Holm—employees, residents, budgets, supply lists, maintenance records, everything—and stack them all here on the desk.”

“Yes, sir,” Ianto said quickly, pulling his jacket straight and fiddling with his tie before leaving the office.  Jack sat back in his desk chair and smiled as he watched Ianto leave.  He wasn’t sure why Ianto had instigated this game, but Ianto clearly wanted to play.  If Jack went along with the game, he figured they would both be too distracted to worry about tomorrow.

As Ianto reentered the office, balancing a collection of binders, file folders, and notebooks, he noticed that Jack had collected a few items of his own.  

“Is that everything?” Jack interrupted Ianto’s contemplation.

“Yes, sir,” Ianto said, straightening the stack of papers.

“The original lease agreement for the island?” Jack asked.

Ianto pulled the document from one of the folders and handed it across the desk to Jack, who didn’t bother to stand.  

“Good.  Medical licenses of all staff?” 

Ianto reached for a binder and Jack stopped him.  “Good enough.  Anything that isn’t there, you’ll just have to fetch later.  Now strip.”

Ianto took a moment to process the instruction before toeing off his shoes and bending forward to pull off his socks.  As Ianto undid the buttons of his shirt, Jack settled back into his chair.  As soon as Ianto’s briefs joined the pile of discarded clothing at his feet, Jack pushed his chair back and motioned Ianto to his side of the desk.  “On your knees,” he said.

Once Ianto had settled on the floor between Jack’s spread knees Jack began, “Now let me explain what’s going to happen here.  First, I’m going to spank you.  I’m going to paddle your arse raw.  Then, you’re going to have a seat in this hard, wooden chair and you are going to write out your recommendations for the running of Flat Holm.  I want you to cover informing the other members of the team, procedures for picking up new arrivals, day-to-day operations and how each member of this team can best contribute.  When you’re finished with that, and when I’m satisfied with your efforts, you’re going to bend over this desk for a dose of the cane.  Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Ianto replied and made to move over Jack’s lap.

Jack clicked his tongue in disapproval, pushing Ianto back down.  “Not yet.  If I’m going to give you the punishment you deserve, I think you need to suck me off first.”

Ianto nodded and reached for Jack’s flies, only to be stopped by Jack’s next instruction. “No hands.”

Ianto closed his eyes for a moment before slowly bringing his hands together behind his back.  He looked up at Jack through his eyelashes as he leaned forward to tug the end of Jack’s belt free with his teeth.  


Gazing down at Ianto, his lips pink and swollen, still wrapped around Jack’s cock, Jack smiled affectionately and ran a thumb over Ianto’s check bone.  

Ianto smiled softly as he pulled back and released Jack, his eyes never leaving Jack’s.  Ianto tucked Jack back in, using his hands when Jack didn’t object.

“Let’s get your bottom warmed,” Jack said helping Ianto to his feet.  Jack reached back to pull a second chair next to his, guiding Ianto over one knee to rest his head and arms on the other chair.  “You’re going to be here for a while,” he explained.  “So you might as well be comfortable.  I don’t want you getting light-headed or focusing on not falling.  No, I want your full attention on just how sore your backside is.  I want you thinking about how red your skin is and how you’re going to be too tender to sit for the next week.”

Jack ran a hand softly from Ianto’s neck, down his spine and over the curve of his arse.  “You aren’t even pink from earlier,” he noted.  “I guess that means you need a proper punishment, a long, hard spanking.”  Jack emphasized the last three words with solid smacks to the left, right, and center of Ianto’s arse.  He leaned over to whisper in Ianto’s ear, “Possibly the worst spanking you’ve ever had,” and was rewarded with a full body shudder. 

Jack fell into an easy rhythm, enjoying the way Ianto shifted across his lap with each slap and the small, urgent noises Ianto made when he landed two in the same spot. 

“You went behind my back and against my orders,” Jack scolded as he continued to rain down smacks.  When there was no reaction from Ianto Jack added, “And you set Gwen up.  She has no idea what she’s walking into out there.” 

From the way Ianto twisted and hid his face in his folded arms, Jack could tell that this was what bothered Ianto most, what had caused him to instigate the game.   

 “I think that’s enough of a warm-up,” Jack said after another minute, stopping to once again run a hand down Ianto’s spine and over the warm pink skin of his arse.  As Jack reached across to the desk to pick up the leather paddle, Ianto arched and squirmed, making a small whining noise. 

“Oh, no you don’t,” Jack warned.  “You asked for this and you’re going to take it,” he said, laying an arm across Ianto’s lower back and pulling him in closer to his body.  When Ianto relaxed against him, Jack brought the paddle down with a loud thwack, quickly landing swat after swat.    

Once Ianto began squirming and yelping with each smack of the paddle Jack continued, “You not only betrayed my trust, you betrayed Gwen.  You set her up to go out there all by herself, with no idea what she was going to find.  That was vindictive and aggressive and I expect better from you.”

“Ow!  I didn’t mean it like that,” Ianto protested, breathlessly.

“Yes, you did,” Jack countered.  Emphasizing the last word with a particularly hard spank, Jack stopped and casually said, “You know, I guess this leather paddle gets the job done, but it just lacks the visceral impact of wood.”

Ianto groaned as Jack roughly rubbed the hot skin of Ianto’s arse, testing his reaction.  “You’re pretty red.  I’ll bet sitting down to work on that report is going to be very uncomfortable.  Of course, we don’t want you cooling down too much before you get the cane, so we need to get you even redder.  What do you think?  Say, twenty with the wooden paddle?”    

Ianto didn’t answer, just screwed his eyes shut and turned his head to look towards the desk.  Jack tossed the leather paddle onto surface of the desk and picked up the smaller, wooden paddle. “No, huh?” he said.  “We’ll make it twenty-five, then.”  


“Sir?” Ianto said after shifting through the papers on the desk for the second time.  He looked at Jack, sat next to him on the same side of the desk.  “I need to go retrieve another file.  I don’t have the requisition forms from the art therapy sessions the staff tried back in 2004.”

“Well then, I guess you had better go find that,” Jack replied smoothly.  As Ianto moved, Jack continued, “Of course, it’s going to cost you.”

Ianto froze halfway out of his chair.  “Sir?”

“Didn’t I mention that?  Every item you forgot and have to go back for earns you four strokes with the ruler.”  Jack twirled the ruler in his hand with a smirk.

“No, sir.  I don’t remember that being mentioned before."

“Well, now you know,” Jack said with a shrug of the shoulder.  “Sit back down and spread your legs.”

“Sir?” Ianto squeaked, still halfway in and half out of his chair.

“You heard me,” Jack said firmly.  “Sit, or I can make it eight, if you prefer?”

Jack waited for Ianto to sit back down before leaning over the back of his chair.  Mouth pressed close to Ianto’s ear he added, “I never said these swats were going to be on your ass.”

Ianto shuddered and then yelped as Jack brought the ruler down hard, twice on the inside of each thigh. 

“Go get that file,” Jack said, tossing the ruler back onto the desk.  “And think carefully about whether or not you need anything else.  If you have to go back again, the next four will be to your balls.” 

“Yes, sir,” Ianto responded with a gulp.  He stood up and was just reaching for his clothes when Jack’s voice stopped him cold.

“Do you want to be in more trouble than you already are?”

“Sir?” Ianto asked, turning to look at Jack, then immediately wishing he hadn’t. 

Ianto dropped his eyes as Jack asked, “Did I tell you that you were allowed to get dressed?”

Ianto swallowed and looked away.  “No, but…”


Ianto kept his eyes down.  “It’s cold down in the archives and…someone might come back,” he finished in a whisper.

“They might,” Jack purred, moving into Ianto’s personal space.  “And if they do, they’ll find out just how naughty you’ve been.”

Ianto shifted uneasily on his feet before Jack continued, “It’s up to you.  Get dressed if you want to.  But if you do, after you fetch that file you’ll be fetching the strap.” 

Jack watched as Ianto considered this for a moment.  A flash of doubt crossed Jack’s mind as he watched Ianto drop his clothes and leave the office.   


Half an hour later, Ianto capped his pen, straightened the papers on the desk, and announced, “I’m finished with this, sir.  I’ll need to print copies of the packet for everyone and put these files away, but the report is complete.”

“Stack the files off to the side,” Jack said.  “You can put them away after you present the information to Owen and Toshiko.”

“Me?” Ianto squeaked.  

“Oh, yeah,” Jack purred. “You get to explain this to them.  I’ll lead the team meeting once Gwen comes in, but until then it’s all you.”

“Yes, sir.  I’m sure Owen will want to see the medical files and Toshiko might be interested in some of the retrieval reports.”  

“Maybe.”  Jack smiled before resuming his command voice.  “Now quit stalling and get this desk cleared.”

Ianto scurried to expose desktop, moving around Jack who merely watched, not moving from his chair.  When Ianto had shifted the last file, he stopped and stared down for a moment before clearing the paddles and the ruler into a drawer.  

Jack leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to watch, fascinated, as Ianto took a deep breath and picked up the cane, his grip tightening on the implement even as he turned to offer it to Jack.

Jack took a moment to look up at Ianto, smiling softly, reassured, when Ianto briefly looked up and made eye contact.  Ianto dropped his eyes quickly when Jack accepted the cane from his hand.  Jack tapped the edge of the desk and waited while Ianto arranged himself.  Once Ianto was in place, bent over the desk, Jack stood and walked in a slow circle around the desk.

“Hmm,” Jack hummed as he ran a hand down across Ianto’s upturned arse.  “You’ve cooled down considerably.  And that just won’t do,” he added, laying several hard smacks on the fleshy under curve. 

“That’s better,” Jack said.  He placed a warm hand on the small of Ianto’s back, pushing down just enough to encourage Ianto to arch his back.  “Now I think a full dozen is in order here.  We wouldn’t want to have to repeat this lesson.”  

Ianto whimpered and gripped the opposite side of the desk tighter, the hissed as Jack brought the cane down across the same spot he had just spanked.  Jack paused for a moment, letting the stroke register fully before lightly tapping the cane against Ianto’s skin.  He continued tapping until Ianto relaxed slightly, then snapped the cane down just above the previous stripe. 

Ianto hissed and whimpered with each new line of pain; moaning and writhing with each gentle tap.  Jack watched as Ianto’s shoulders shook and as he fought to maintain his grip on the desk.  

After the third stroke, Jack eased up, putting less power behind each strike while speeding his rhythm, anxious to just get this over and done with, not wanting to disappoint, but not wanting to take things too far.   He gave the last two without a pause in between, and at full power.  Ianto tensed at the blows, then fell limp across the desk as Jack tossed the cane casually aside.  

Jack pulled Ianto upright and into a tight hug.  Ianto’s eyes were dry, but his breathing heavy as Jack held him close.  After a long moment Jack pulled back and said quietly, “Go on downstairs and to bed.  I’ll clear up in here.”

Ianto nodded, then leaned in to kiss Jack softly and whispering, “Thank you.”

Jack watched Ianto as he disappeared down the manhole.  He gathered Ianto’s clothes, a tube of aloe vera lotion, and turned out the lights before following Ianto to bed.  This was his favorite part of these games—the quiet cuddles and gentle touches after.


“Are you sure Gwen got the package?” Jack asked sometime later, rolling over to lie on his back.

“Yeah, I told her about it after you went back into the hot house.”  Ianto stifled a yawn.

“And you’re sure she’ll be able to figure it out?”

“Jack, it was a GPS— Gwen can figure out how to work one of those.”

Jack stared at the ceiling for a moment before whispering, “Ianto?”


“I’m sorry you had to learn about Flat Holm the way you did,” Jack said haltingly.  “I always intended to take you out there myself, but I just… ran out of time.  I never meant for Helen to be the one to tell you and I certainly never meant for you to go out there alone.”

“I know.” 

“And you know I’m not really upset about you telling Gwen, right?” Jack asked. 

“You aren’t?”

“No.  I didn’t leave you any other options,” Jack said quietly.  “I should have listened to you earlier.  In the end, you and Gwen both did exactly what you needed to.  You challenged me, which is exactly what I hired you both to do.”

“That isn’t why you hired me,” Ianto said softly.

“Okay, maybe not,” Jack admitted.  “But it is why I kept you.”

 “So, you’re saying this was your fault?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it like that, exactly,” Jack hedged.

“Maybe I should have spanked you for being stubborn and not listening,” Ianto muttered.

“Yeah.  Maybe you still should.  But tomorrow, after we talk to everyone, okay?  You need to sleep now.”

Ianto merely hummed in agreement.  He was almost asleep when Jack spoke again.  “I was thinking, do you want to head out there tomorrow?  Meet Gwen once she finds her way to the island?”

“Not really.  I’m not sure how we’d explain my being there.”

“I’ll go then.  She won’t question that.  You stay here, brief Owen and Toshiko, and be ready for things to get ugly when we return.”

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